Learn Constantly

We believe learning is fundamental to human flourishing, and strive to support educational opportunities on every front, both with the tools we create, and in how we create them. When faced with a choice between optimal efficiency or a chance to learn something new, we will choose to learn, to grow, and to better ourselves. We teach each other and actively learn from one another, and are willing to take on challenges for which we may not feel quite ready.

Be Proactive

If you can address a problem now, don’t wait. Waiting for a problem to resolve itself will only create additional problems along the way. Whether it’s the slow and uneven spread of global Internet, or a problem that has been brewing with a coworker, we recognize the compounding effects of inequality, conflict, and suffering, and aim to resolve problems at their root.

Build Community

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Important problems cannot be solved by a knight in shining arm our made of silver bullets, but instead require a community of diverse voices and skills collaborating and supporting one another. Just as the tools we create are only ever part of the solution to global inequality of educational access and achievement, we are made stronger by our partnerships and collaborations, and our efforts are magnified.

Foster Openness

The beauty of knowledge is that its value is not diminished, but rather made even greater, by sharing it as broadly as possible. When others remix, re-purpose, and build upon what has been shared, cascading value is created for the global community. And when someone leverages that knowledge to make the world a better place, we all benefit. High costs and restrictive copyrights erect barriers to learning and growth, and thereby slow the spread of equal learning opportunities for all.